Xbox 720 Release Date: Microsoft Now Set To Debut Console At CES 2012?

New rumors claim that Microsoft will be unveiling its next console at the “Consumer Electronics Show” next year.

French gaming website Xboxygen reported on a rumor that claimed the CES 2012 event will focus on the actual hardware. The date of the forthcoming CES show falls on Jan. 12, 2012.

The hardware reveal for the system may be visible to a few. The Xbox 720's specifications might be shown in a more private setting. translated Xboxygen's statement on the CES Xbox 720 reveal: "We have already talked about a lot of the new Xbox and the name of Loop Xbox has already come twice. Today is another source who told Xboxygen some new details about the next Xbox. We will obviously not disclose his name, but just know that it is near the middle of Microsoft."

"Our source tells us that the project first began in 2005 and is divided into two parts: Part Infinity for all that hardware and software for the party Loop,” said the technology website.

"It also tells us that an announcement will be made at CES 2012. Not necessarily with a huge announcement of the first games already, but we should have some information on the new console, as some of its capabilities. CPU level, it would be a hexa-core with 2GB of DDR3, and our source also told us of a prototype dual-GPU AMD. We could not know the RAM,” added.

New rumors claim the Xbox 720 will feature a hexa-core type of CPU with 2 GB DDR3 Memory, as well as a prototype dual-GPU from AMD.

Several gaming industry analysts said that gamers should expect to get their first glimpse of the console at E3 2013, months before its official release.

Video game website Develop previously reported the company and its industry associates are working towards a 2013 launch of the next generation Xbox.

Third-party publishing companies, such as Ubisoft, EA, and THQ, are said to be already working on the Xbox 720.