'You Are Made for More' by Lisa Osteen Comes, Book Review

Lisa Osteen Comes delivers honest, inspirational stories while engaging the reader with biblical truths in her new book, You Are Made for More!

The Associate Pastor of the Lakewood Church, Lisa Osteen Comes preaches on a rotating basis at the largest church in America. The church is led by her brother, Joel Osteen, who she often fills in for while he is traveling.

In a foreword by her brother, Joel Osteen tells readers that You Are Made for More! will help you "recapture your joy, renew your faith, and respond to every test with integrity."

Lisa Osteen Comes openly shares painful and personal stories including heartbreak, loss, and failure, in addition to her recollections of being a young woman and facing debilitating stereotypes. Her book even describes the agony and humility she encountered when her marriage unexpectedly ended.

In describing her life's ups and downs, Osteen Comes reminds readers of her undying faith in God.

"He knew that just because I'd known tragedy I wasn't a tragic figure, that just because I had a marriage that failed I wasn't a failure, that even though I'd suffered loss I wasn't a loser," wrote Osteen Comes.

Additionally, the author skillfully takes readers on a journey of forgiveness following an act of hate. Osteen Comes suffered severe injuries after becoming the target of an explosive directed at Lakewood church. The events resulted in Osteen Comes receiving an outpour of sympathy from the nation, including the U.S. President at the time, George W. Bush, reaching out in a loving way.

"When that bomb threatened to shatter my life in the goodness of people, God brought me the well wishes and prayers of those I'd never met," wrote Osteen Comes describing her physical and mental recovery from the incident.

Throughout the descriptive, in-depth chapters, Osteen Comes uses quotes from the Bible to further establish the point she makes, that people who serve God are blessed.

She assures readers that "you are made to reach your destiny" and that God is at work "making a masterpiece" in you. Osteen also promises that despite disappointments and failures, that "you're made to move on -- and move mountains."

By incorporating both stories from her life and stories from the Bible, Osteen Comes demonstrates that faith requires perseverance and delivers overall uplifting and motivating words of wisdom.

You Are Made for More includes a section for note --taking and reflection, and in closing, Osteen Comes writes that God "doesn't want you to give up. He wants you to taste the sweetness of His promise -- to bite, not into thin air, but into your destiny, to swallow it and live it, to feed off him forever."

The book by Lisa Olsteen Comes is available in hardback, paperback, and Kindle editions, as well as in an audio version, on amazon.com. You Are Made for More starts at under $20 on the site.