Zumba Instructor Alexis Wright Released From Jail Early for Good Behavior

The infamous Zumba instructor, Alexis Wright, who ran a prostitution ring out of her fitness studio in a sleepy Maine town, was released from jail early for good behavior and also completing a work program, according to a York County Jail spokesman.

Wright, 29, was released at 8 a.m. on Saturday after serving roughly six months of her ten-month sentence. She pleaded guilty to charges stemming from prostitution, tax evasion, and conspiracy that occurred in the town of Kennebunk.

Wright agreed to a plea bargain to avoid "the prospect of a high-profile trial featuring sex videos, exhibitionism and pornography," the Associated Press reported.

The State Police and the Drug Enforcement Administration started investigating Wright and her dance studio in 2011 after receiving a tip. In February 2012, Wright's Zumba studio was raided.

Wright was accused of working with insurance agent Mark Strong Sr. to run a prostitution business that made over $150,000 during an 18-month period.

Strong was convicted in March on 13 counts for attempting to promote prostitution. He was sentenced to 20 days in jail.

Court documents showed that Wright videotaped intimate encounters with some of her customers in three locations and would send the footage to her business partner, Mark Strong.

"We're very satisfied with it. It's an appropriate outcome, given the gravity of her actions," Assistant Attorney General Darcy Mitchell said in a statement at the time.

Wright's client list included over 150 names, some of which were prominent figures in the relatively quiet coastal town of Kennebunk. One of the men who testified against Wright was a pizza delivery boy who claimed that Wright stripped in front of him and tipped him generously after he delivered spaghetti and meatballs to her door.