As Trump, Biden Battle Heats Up, How Will Evangelicals Shape The Election?

2024 is being called the biggest election year in history — and with good reason. Seven of the world’s ten most populous countries, including the United States, will hold national elections this year. As more people than ever before are expected to vote in 2024, what exactly does it mean to be a “Christian voter” in America today? Is it merely a Christian who votes? Or something far more nuanced?

That’s the question at the forefront of The Christian Post podcast series and upcoming live event, "Politics In the Pews." Through conversations with a variety of Evangelical voices from across the political spectrum, "Politics In the Pews" looks at the history and influence of Evangelicalism in American politics, where churches and Christian leaders stand on the presumed Republican nominee and former president Donald Trump, and how “Christian nationalism” could sway independent voters.

Topics will cover the rise and fall of the “Religious Right,” the “Trump factor,” Christian nationalism, the pros and cons of church ballot collection efforts, how Hispanic Evangelical leaders are engaging their congregations, and a panel of leading Christian voices on the state of religious liberty in America in 2024.

On today's preview, "Politics In the Pews" host Ian Giatti joins Billy Hallowell to preview the podcast series, which premieres July 12. Be sure to subscribe to the show TODAY so you can start listening when the first episode releases. Listen here:

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