Dr. Tony Evans' Announcement Shocks Christian World: Here's Everything We Know

Celebrated pastor Dr. Tony Evans shocked the Christian world when he recently announced he would be stepping away from his pastoral duties to undergo a process of restoration due to an undisclosed "sin."

Evans, who pastors the 11,000-member Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship church in Dallas, Texas, has had enormous influence throughout modern Christendom. Christian Post reporter Leonardo Blair joins "The Inside Story" to explain what we know, why it matters, and what comes next.

"While Evans, who has pastored the church for 48 years, did not provide specific details on why he was stepping away, he confessed in a written statement that though he did not commit any crimes, he fell short of the biblical standards espoused by his ministry, suggesting it was 'due to sin,'" Blair wrote in a recent article.

Listen to Blair tell host Billy Hallowell about this important story. And read more about the details here.

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