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20 Courses For Self-Improvement Through the Bleak Winter Months


The Become A Solopreneur Expert Bundle

Pivoting from traditional employment to freelancing is not as easy as people make it out to be. You'll definitely need a bit of guidance to navigate the change and become an in-demand hire in the current landscape – and this crash course bundle on becoming a solopreneur can help. Learn More


Project Management Professional Certification Training Suite

It's a fact that project managers are highly in demand across practically every industry. Considering these professionals help operations cut costs, boost efficiency, reach deadlines, and run as well-oiled machines, it's easy to see why. So, now's as good a time as any to join their ranks. Learn More


The Emotional Intelligence & Decision-Making Bundle

Emotional intelligence is an aspect of you as a whole person affecting your work life and your personal life. Your emotional intelligence is your ability to combine your thinking with your feelings in order to build good quality relationships and to make good authentic decisions. Learn More


The Complete 2020 Microsoft Office Mastery Bundle

Use the Whole Potential of MS Office Suite to Your Advantage & Up Your Productivity with 59 Hours of Content on Teams, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, and More. Get beyond the basics and supercharge your current skill level in MS Office Suite. Learn More


The Complete Digital Copywriting Master Class Bundle

Beyond your writing skills, it’s valuable to know about digital marketing and strategy, in addition to how to market and sell yourself – which is important for everyone and crucial if you’re working on a freelance basis. This bundle will help you develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to jump-start your career in the field. Learn More


The 2020 Premium Learn To Code Certification Bundle

It may seem impossible to learn a coding language from scratch, but this bundle seeks to guide you from beginner to master. Whether you’re looking to learn Java, Python, HTML5 or SQL, this bundle has you covered. Once this bundle is yours, it stays yours for life. Learn More


The Lifetime MBA Bootcamp Bundle

The business world is changing at a record pace. Widespread strategic innovation means that businesses now face more complex and dynamic issues than ever before. In this course, you will learn to apply 21st-century strategic models to your work and become one of the most valuable people in your company. Get the MBA Knowledge Minus the MBA Debt with 80+ Hours of Accredited Business Training. Learn More


The 2020 Social Media Marketing Bootcamp Certification Bundle

This seven-course, 34-hour bundle is led by Boot Camp Digital, an organization that specializes in training small to large businesses in digital marketing. Their clients include Google, P&G, Boeing, Nike, and many more, and their public training has been featured in Wired, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and more. Learn More


The Ultimate Creative Arts Bundle: Learn to Paint & Draw

This course is designed to teach anyone from beginner to moderate, all of the fundamentals of oil painting you’ll ever need, in one, easy to manage course. Every lesson is demonstrated step by step as each goes into incredible detail of every aspect of creating a painting from start to finish! From explaining exactly how to mix every color down to the percentage of paint- to what direction to apply brushstrokes while painting a subject. Basics, Medium, Techniques & More! Hone Your Artistic Skills and Create Your Own Portraits with 18 Hours of Instruction on Painting and Drawing. Learn More


The Speed Reading Mastery Bundle

The average American is capable of reading between 200 and 250 words per minute. However, President John F. Kennedy was rumored to have been able to read an incredible 1,000 words per minute. Reading isn't just something you should do, it's something you must do if you want to live your dreams. Learn More


The 2020 Public Speaking Bundle

Like it or not, you're going to have to deliver a speech at some point in your life. Whether it's a toast at your best friend's wedding or your very own TED Talk, this comprehensive course will set you up for success. Divided into 12 "acts" this training covers every aspect of the public speaking process—from identifying your audience to handling the Q&A session afterward. Plus, you'll even get access to 25 speech guides and more than 50 slide templates to help you deliver the perfect presentation. Learn More


The Complete QuickBooks Guru Bundle

This 7-Course bundle will give you a financial edge using intuit's leading accounting platform. The first course will provide a comprehensive understanding of QuickBooks in a format that can be understood by beginners, but which also covers more than just data input. With 111 lectures, you'll be provided with presentations and tools to work through the processes presented. This 28-hour course includes video instructions and downloadable PDF files that can be used as offline supplemental resources. Find Out More


The Complete Guitar Master Class Bundle

This collection is comprised of seven key courses, including lessons on guitar strumming, mastering the fretboard, fingerpicking techniques, and rock guitar riffs, which are bundled together for the primary goal of getting novices confident enough to play full songs on the guitar. Learn More


The Complete 2021 Google SEO & Growth Hacking Bundle

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of leveraging search engines like Google to guide web surfers to your site. Rather than spend thousands on ads, SEO offers a free outlet for getting your information in front of the right people at the right time. Learn More


The Complete LinkedIn Marketing & Sales Bundle

Aside from seeking new job opportunities, a LinkedIn business page, if managed effectively, can be a solid way to grow your company. After all, there are over 40 million decision-makers who use the platform, meaning it's ripe with opportunities to generate new leads, create meaningful business partnerships, and scale your business. Learn More


The Complete Videography Bundle: Beginner to Expert

Promote Your Brand Through Video When You Master the Fundamentals of Videography with 45+ Hours of Instruction. The bundle teaches you how to use the creative industry's preferred video-editing software including Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After EffectsAdobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, and Camtasia. Learn More


The eBook Self-Publishing Bundle

If you want to become a successful e-book publisher, you may need some help. Whether you're not sure where to start at all or you've been writing books but can't make them stand out from the crowd, this course will show you how to get ahead. You'll get step-by-step guidance towards building up a large library of Kindle books and marketing them. Learn More


The Start-to-Finish Guide to Launching a Successful Podcast Bundle

The bundle begins with a couple of general courses about podcasting: the equipment you'll need, general strategies for succeeding in the medium and how to set up your own home studio. From there, you'll delve into public speaking and mind mapping strategies designed to help you confidently speak and stay on track through every episode. Ultimately, you'll learn how to conduct podcast interviews, set up and record a podcast on a time crunch and even discover how to promote your podcast successfully through social media. Learn More


The Become a Professional YouTuber Bundle

Ever dream of striking it big on YouTube? You're not alone. This course details 12 proven ways that high-rated instructor Bryan Guerra and other top creators have monetized their YouTube channels. It breaks down each business model so you can understand exactly how it can work for you. Enroll in this course and learn how to monetize even the smallest audience and work remotely from anywhere in the world. Build a Career on YouTube with 8 Courses on Video Editing, Marketing, Traffic & More! Learn More

20 real estate

The Fundamentals of Real Estate Investment Bundle

There's money to be made in real estate, but jumping in blind is not the way to go if you're just starting out. Tailored for beginners, this course looks at the foundational real estate concepts you should know before making your first investment. From evaluating residential and commercial real estate opportunities to identifying and mitigating investment risks, this course will teach you essential skills to kickstart your foray in this field. Enter the World of Real Estate & Make Profitable Investments with 17 Hours of Content on REIT Fundamentals, Types, Frameworks, and More! Learn More

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