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Write Forever & Smudge-Free with These Inkless Pens

Forever Pininfarina Cambiano Inkless Pen

Forever Pininfarina Cambiano Inkless Pen

The Forever Pininfarina Cambiano Stylus is a collaboration between NAPKIN®—an Italian company that has significant experience in design projects—and Pininfarina, a famed Italian design company that dates back to 1930. This pen is a celebration of both historic and modern writing. It needs no ink, yet it gives visual life to the words in our heads. It has no lead or graphite, but it allows us to draw, sketch and create. There are no ink cartridges to purchase, and it will never run dry much, like your ideas, emotions and the desire to communicate with those around you. Write Endless Ideas & Memories with This Stylish Inkless Wooden Stylus.

Omega Series 5

Omega Series Inkless Pen

Reviving the age-old technique of writing with metal, the Omega Inkless Pen is the last pen you'll ever need. This eco-friendly writing utensil features an AXL-METAL tip that doesn't need sharpening and won't run out. The tip lays down a grey line that won't smudge or erase, and its shaft is made with anodized aluminum, making the pen cool to touch when you pick it up.

Omega 2.0 Inkless Pen
  • Write forever using the AXL-METAL tip
  • Draw lines without smudging or erasing them
  • Write more comfortably w/ the anodized aluminum shaft
  • Produce less waste by never having to replace your pen

Never Run Out of Ink Again! With an AXL-METAL Tip & Anodized Aluminum Shaft, This Inkless Pen Lets You Write Comfortably and Smudge-Free.

Omega 2.0 Inkless Pen (Black)

Omega 2.0 Inkless Pen (Gold)

Omega 2.0 Inkless Pen (Blue)

Omega 2.0 Inkless Pen (Rose Gold)

Omega 2.0 Inkless Pen (Silver)

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