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Five Tips for Success as a Christian Author

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Your Christian experience is unique and it may be time to share it with the world in a book. But there's more to creating a book than writing down your experiences. Below are five steps to take so you are more likely to be successful as a Christian author.

  1. Improve your writing skills. Even the best writers have room for improvement. There are courses available online or through your community college that will help you become a better writer and give you the opportunity to receive feedback on your writing. There are also some must have books to add to your personal library, such as The Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr.

  2. Contribute to a Blog. This doesn't mean you should start your own blog. Starting a blog can be tough to maintain and it takes work to drive traffic to it. Instead you could contribute to an existing blog as a guest author. Do a search for “christian blog” and “guest post” online to learn which websites are accepting guest submissions for their blogs. The reason to do this is to get your ideas out and receive responses to the things that you want to share. Engage with post commenters to help stimulate your thinking.

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  3. Take a stroll through the bookstore. Since we still have some restrictions with the pandemic, this might be a little tough to do but you can also look at your Christian bookstores online. See what the best-sellers are and the kind of reviews that they're getting. But remember that because readers respond to a genre or subject, it doesn't mean that you should copy it. It could help you with ideas on how you can build on what others are writing. You can also see some of the new releases that Vide Press has published.

  4. Share your ideas on social media, but don’t create a bunch of new social media profiles that are difficult to manage. Instead focus on channels where you already have a social media profile and interact with the people who follow you about your ideas. Share content using appropriate hashtags that relate to the topic you want to write about. 

  5. Consider your audience. Except for the Bible, a book’s audience is rarely everyone. Do you want to write for young parents? Successful executives? Struggling teens? Hang out where they spend time online to see what they talk about and the concerns they share. How will your unique message help them with whatever they face?

If you thought about writing a book for a while or you have a message or experience to share with others, now could be the time to consider becoming an author. It's one thing to have a great idea; it's another to get it down on paper. This is where Vide Press comes in with a goal to “direct readers to books that demonstrate a biblically-based worldview on the relevant cultural topics.”  And you don't need to have a manuscript yet to start the process as an author. Contact Vide Press today about a free consultation to see if they can help you make your publishing dreams come true. 

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