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High quality, low cost education? It’s possible.


For most students, the first barrier to earning a degree is the financial commitment. The programs and learning formats that work best for you may not match your budget. If you find an affordable program, you might be wondering, is this the same high-quality education as a more expensive degree? Will employers see a degree from this institution as legitimate?

Developing top-notch education options at a low cost requires innovation and creative approaches. Good thing we’re experts.

Innovation is in our DNA. In 1985—35 years ago—Indiana Wesleyan University pioneered a brand new way of learning that helped working adult students earn their degrees. This non-traditional education eventually included online learning, and several colleges would later follow our lead.

This same spirit drives our approach to creating low cost education.

“Since affordability is a key aspect of our strategic plan, it will continue to be a priority for our institution,” Matt Lucas, chancellor of IWU–National & Global, said. “We know that every dollar we can save our students decreases their debt, lessens their accumulated interest, and shortens repayment time.”

So, how have we innovated in education to make college more affordable?

1.    A tuition guarantee. Our tuition guarantee has been around as long as our adult programs. Once you start your program, your tuition won’t go up. This means our student body has saved millions on tuition.

2.    Non-profit status. As a non-profit institution, we’re focused on putting students first, not shareholder value. Your access to higher education, academic success, and transformation are our top priorities.

3.    Resources that save students money. Through discounts, scholarships, free resources, and military preferred tuition, earning a degree is within reach at IWU.

  • robust pastoral, employer, and alumni tuition discounts
  • a special degree program for military personnel, veterans and their families, which allows them to maximize their tuition assistance funds
  • open educational resources (OERs), which are free resources that eliminate the need to purchase textbooks in select academic programs

We are continually working to make education accessible for every student, but that doesn’t mean the academic experience has to suffer. Our students get the best of both worlds: academic rigor and affordability. In fact, our innovative mindset is driven by credentialed faculty who bring professional experience to the classroom and give students insights from the industry.

Learn more about the resources designed to help you succeed at IWU. Explore the possibilities at iwueducation.com