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Prophecy Pros, Matthew West, T.C. Stallings, Daniel Fusco & More! 7 Podcasts You Won't Want to Miss

The Edifi Podcast Network has some powerful content this week that you won't want to miss! We recently introduced two new podcasts: "TCS Live" with "War Room" star T.C. Stallings and "Let's Talk Purity" — and there's much more to come!

From Christian singers and actors to explorations of important theological and life issues, here are just 4 podcast episodes on Edifi that you'll definitely want to hear this week:


On this week's "TCS Live," actor T.C. Stallings breaks down the difference between real and fake Christianity, exploring what really matters: the heart and how it aligns with biblical truth. Through powerful anecdotes, T.C. explains the ins and outs of true faith, and what happens when people ignore, challenge or attempt to manipulate what scripture tells us about truth. Listen to the show!


Singer Matthew West is known for his incredible and moving music. He joined "Crazy Happy" to explore what it means to find true joy in Jesus, and how he came to discover "beautiful gifts" amid the chaos and uncertainty of the past year. From struggles to finding triumph in Christ, the discussions in this episode of "Crazy Happy" are deeply relatable and will leave you profoundly inspired. Listen here!


In the latest episode of "Let's Talk Purity," Richard and Brittni De La Mora dive deep into what an effective healing process looks like. You'll never find healing by avoiding your pain, but you will find healing when you confront your pain. Brittni, who is an ex-porn star, explains what happened when she left it all behind and found Jesus. Listen to the episode!


On "Politely Rude," Abby Johnson explores divorce, lust and culture. She sits down with author Leila Miller to dive into a number of questions: How does divorce impact children? Why do most divorces unfold? Listen for a discussion on the perils of marital separation, the impact it has on children and families — and more.

Want even more podcasts? You're in luck! The Edifi Podcast Network and the Edifi app are filled with thousands of shows you can listen to right now. Dive in here!