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Rockstar Games is yet to make "Grand Theft Auto 6" official, but considering the continued success of the franchise, a successor to "GTA 5" may as well be a done deal.

With the company focused on "Red Dead Redemption 2" at the moment, there are speculations that the game will not be released for the current-generation console.

Because of the possibilities that better hardware expected in the PlayStation 5 could offer, fans have greater expectation for "GTA 6." Here are just some of the exciting features gamers hope to see in the highly-anticipated title.

1. Going beyond America

So far, "GTA" games are set in fictional locations based on real-world cities. "GTA 5" is set in San Andreas and Los Santos, which takes inspiration from Los Angeles.

The folks over at What Culture believe that it is time for Rockstar Games to take the action outside of America in the next major entry in the franchise.

The studio has attempted to do so with past reports suggesting that at some point, the developers thought of taking the series to Japan or even in London. With no word on what is planned for "GTA 6" as far as the setting goes, it is unclear if this possibility has been abandoned.

"GTA 6" does not have to leave America though. The abovementioned publication believes that with the wonders that the PS5 is assumed to offer, the game could go so far as to allow players to go to America, then in the UK, in a blink of an eye.

2. Realistic environment interaction

In "GTA 5," destruction can be caused by a fire hydrant or a wall that looks like the worse it could do is dent a vehicle. Rockstar could not be bothered making these elements within the game accurate in the past installments.

The hope is that in "GTA 6," Rockstar will put in more effort on these components of the map, which means that gamers will actually be dealt the damage an actual fire hydrant can do in a certain situation, and give them the ability to be the ones to blow the city into smithereens.

The abovementioned publication believes that allowing gamers to wreak havoc on the map as they go through a mission will easily gel with the core foundation of the gameplay and be worked into the story easily.

3. VR support

Virtual reality is believed to be the future of gaming. Recent reports suggest that the Sony is blazing the trail and is looking to bake support for VR into the PS5.

If "GTA 6" ends up being released for the next-gen console, taking advantage of this will definitely be appreciated. Basing the whole game around it is too much, but giving players the option to tap into it should they want to would be a neat touch.

4. Immediate console mod access

Those who play "GTA 5" on the PC platform get to elevate their experience by adding mods that turn the game into something else entirely. Elements from other properties such as "Skyrim" are worked into the game — fans get to play as Batman or turn the world into a completely different world. With this, PC players get to enjoy the best of both worlds. The hope is that console owners get to do that as well come "GTA 6."

5. Female characters done right

There have been rumors going around that "GTA 6" will be the first game in the series to be headlined by a female character.

Women in the series have so far been treated no more as sex objects or comedic fodder, but it looks like Rockstar Games could be changing things around.

What Culture suggests that if the developer does not want to go all out on a female twist, they could start by coming up with a Bonnie and Clyde-type story.

At the moment, "GTA 6" is yet to be confirmed. There is no word yet if development for the game has begun seeing as the focus is "GTA Online" and "Red Dead Redemption 2."

While it looks like it might be a while before official details about "GTA 6" arrive, gamers can take this opportunity to give Rockstar ideas on what the next major installment in their most successful and lucrative series yet should offer.

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