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Adam Richman Weight Loss: 'Man vs. Food Star Drops 60 Pounds (VIDEO)

Adam Richman

Man vs. Food star Adam Richman is in the midst of one of his most complicated battles against food yet, but after losing 60 pounds, it appears that this is one that he is going to win.

When Richman takes on a battle against food, it usually entails eating some extraordinary proportion of food. One of the most impressive challenges Richman took on includes attempting to finish off a 190-lound burger in two hours. Richman lost with 30 pounds left of burger, but not before he swallowed down a full 160 pounds of meat.

Richman's battles of "big eating" are over now, however, and recently, the food star has taken on a different kind of challenge-- how to lose all of the weight he gained from being the host to possibly one of the most unhealty shows. So far, he is winning.

Richman revealed in a recent interview that he has dropped 60 pounds since his last "Man vs. Food" episode, which aired in April of 2012. His diet includes cutting down on white flour and dairy while adding to his exercise routine. But cutting back hasn't always been easy.

"The crew got a bunch of pizzas, and it was all I could smell," he told People magazine recalling one of his past weight lost challenge experieces. "It sucked. But I had a Greek yogurt with raw almonds, water and an iced coffee, and I was satisfied."

But being on a good diet was not enough to keep Richman thin while on the show. During filming Richman ate excess amounts of unhealthy food which would last for a few days at a time, but when he was off camera he was still sticking to a healthier diet and exercise routine. Despite the weight gain, Richman says he doesn't regret the experience.

"Man v. Food was the biggest career-defining opportunity. I went from anonymity to someone of note with access to amazing eateries," he told the magazine.

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