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Angelina Jolie Smolders in Black, Talks Politics at Producer's Guild Awards

Angelina Jolie Smolders in Black, Talks Politics at Producer's Guild Awards

Angelina Jolie has caught the media's attention with her fashion sense yet again at the Producer's Guild Awards over the weekend.

The actress and first-time director donned a floor-length black Michaels Kors gown with a Jimmy Choo clutch and Ferragamo peep-toe heels.

Jolie was escorted on the red carpet by her longtime partner, Brad Pitt, who appeared without his cane which he has been carrying since earlier this month after a knee injury.

Saturday's awards ceremony took place in Beverly Hills, Calif., and saw Jolie take home the 2012 Stanley Kramer Award for her directorial debut of her film "In the Land of Blood and Honey."

The 36-year-old mother of six is well-known for her high fashion yet modestly sexy outfits. Additionally, Jolie has received international acclaim for her humanitarian work. Regarding her work as a director, she explained the love story set within the Bosnian War in "Blood and Honey."

Speaking to Reuters, Jolie said the film's goal "wasn't to make a political statement against anybody. It was simply to say, 'We must talk about what happened we must try to learn from what happened, we must try to see humility on all sides,' and if we can, then we can start to move forward."

In past interviews Jolie has clarified that she is not publicly active in politics, but, at Saturday's event she admitted that she is "fascinated" by today's Republican presidential race.

"There's that part of us that's wanting to learn about what's going on, and wanting to see who could possibly be the next president, and taking that very seriously, which is it," explained Jolie.

"And then there's that other part of it that is this strange television… these characters that we're watching, so you try to kind of separate that, " continued the Golden Globe winning actress, who added that "it goes into the bizarre sometimes."


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