Angry Birds Go Review: A Good Marriage of 2 Genres

The folks at Rovio launched the new Angry Birds Go game last week that marries the slingshot blasting fun of Angry Birds with the best of cart racing.

Titles such as these became popular with the introduction of the original Mario Kart in the mid-1990s on the Super NES and have continued to fare well with other characters such as Crash Bandicoot and Sonic starring in their own racing titles. Angry Birds Go places the little red creatures we've grown to love in previous games in the driver's seat.

The gameplay mimics the Mario Kart Wii formula by using a tilting motion to steer the cart. Users can also choose to use touch steering, but that seems like a less viable option. It plays really well and the handling is quite smooth, making the game that much more fun to play.

Angry Birds Go also does a good job by making the game more than just competitive races. Your bird will have to compete in obstacle courses and in levels that mimic Fruit Ninja as they will have to destroy as many pieces of fruit as possible before crossing the finish line. The birds will also engage in one on one races with unlockable characters.

Birds can choose between different carts and can upgrade each of them by earning money by winning races and buying power ups. The more equipped the cart, the easier it is to win the harder races.

The game also retains the slingshot from other Angry Birds titles as players have to launch their cart into each race at the beginning. This allows it to stay true to the source material and proves for an original way to start a race.

Angry Birds Go has solid graphics with vibrant colors and impressive layouts for stages. This game is definitely worth downloading and can appeal to gamers who are not fans of the other games in the series.

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