Monday, August 27, 2012
Angry Birds in Space Teams Up With Mars Curiosity Rover

Angry Birds in Space Teams Up With Mars Curiosity Rover

The widely popular game "Angry Birds" has partnered with NASA to create a new game that incorporates Curiosity, the Mars rover currently on the Martian surface.

The Finnish company behind the game is Rovio, and they enlisted the services of NASA to create a new game that would be able to provide both education and entertainment to people of all ages. The new game "Angry Birds Space: Red Planet" is currently ready for download on both iOS and Android devices. The new game is an update to the already released game.

The new game incorporates the highly publicized Mars Rover Curiosity, which had been successful of transmitting images for the surface of Mars, by having players track down the rover in each of the game's levels.

The game also is able to educate layers by using the game platform to link users with NASA web pages that offer an explanation of Mars in more detail.

"Rovio is teaching huge new audiences about NASA's missions to Mars thanks to this collaboration," David Weaver, associate administrator for communications at NASA Headquarters in Washington, said in a statement.

"It's a great way to introduce both kids and adults to the wonders of the planet in a fun and entertaining way," he added.

The "Angry Birds Space" game has also visited astronauts on the International Space Station as a toy bird caught a ride on the Russian Soyuz spacecraft.

NASA astronaut Don Pettit then used the toy and green balloons decorated as pigs to give a real-life demonstration of Angry Birds in space, as reported by

Recent reviews of the game are great and the update for "Red Planet" is free so long as the original game had been previously downloaded. Otherwise the game can be downloaded for $1.

Rovio has also stated that the new version of the game will be made available on other platforms in the coming weeks.


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