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Astrologers Predict Election, Obama to Win Race but Loose Reputation? (VIDEO)

Astrologers Predict Election, Obama to Win Race but Loose Reputation? (VIDEO)

Astrologers have predicted that in the upcoming war of Leo verses Pieces, Leo takes the plate, and the presidency too.

U.S. President Barack Obama waves during a fund raising event at the Fox Theatre in Redwood City, California May 23, 2012. | (Photo: REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque)

A panel of five astrologers have all agreed that despite a close presidential race, Barack Obama isn't going anywhere in the next year. The prediction is based on close celestial observation or rather, a knack for reading the stars.

"It's obvious," Chicago astrologist Nina Gryphon said. "Obama stays where he is without a change in status." Gryphon, only one of five on a special presidential board specifically designated to asses the election, is also a corporate lawyer.

The New Orleans convention met Tuesday, when the prediction was made. While some may see the daily horoscope as another silly page at the back of the paper, others take the stars quite serious. The most recent astrology conference drew over 1,500 people and is often "billed as a meeting of the world's top astrologers," according to Reuters.

Chris Brennan, a Denver astrologist and the second member on the presidential board, also agreed that Obama would remain president. Both candidates "are entering into peak periods of eminence in the next few months," Breannan told Reuters, however "Obama's peak period stays consistent throughout the election, whereas Romney's seems to falter a few weeks before the election."

Despite a victory, Brennan also predicted trouble in regards to Obama's "career and his reputation."

"The ingress of Saturn into Scorpio may trouble him," Brennan said. "It won't cost him the election, but it may indicate difficulties in the first half of his second term."

For those skeptics, many of the astrologers admitted that it may be a long while before the truth of their prediction become unveiled due to "Mercury retrograde" which translates into an optical illusion.

"Most astrologers are pretty certain that this could cause problems similar to what happened in the 2000 election," Brennan said, referring to the tight presidential race between George Bush and Al Gore. "It's possible it won't be finished for Romney until the last week of November."

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