Asuka Makes Grand Debut in 'Street Fighter X Tekken' (VIDEOS)

Asuka, female combatant of "Tekken," was recently revealed as the latest roster addition to Capcom's upcoming "Street Fighter X Tekken."

Video clips hit the Internet last week and displayed two pieces of footage for the newest member of the game.

In a character reveal sequence, Asuka could be seen battling alongside her "Tekken" teammate Lili against "Street Fighter's" own Chun-Li and Cammy. The other video that surface showed off Asuka's Super Art and Cross Art maneuvers.

The character reveal video can be viewed below:

Asuka's fighting maneuvers can seen in the next video:

Gamers should expect more roster addition announcements for "Street Fighter X Tekken" in the coming months.

In a past interview conducted with, Capcom Community Manager Seth Killian said, "We have a few months till release with this game and we plan to announce characters right up to the finish line.”

Adding, “The character select screen will be covered with characters, so we have quite a lot still to come including some from "Street Fighter" history that have not been in a game for quite some time, so we want to make both sets of fans happy."

Some forgotten characters from the "Street Fighter" universe include: R. Mika from "Street Fighter Alpha 3," Sean from "Street Fighter 3: Third Strike," Karin from "Street Fighter Alpha 3" and Eagle from the first "Street Fighter."

When asked about the final number of confirmed fighters in the game, Killian said, "I do but not one I’m going to share today [laughs]. I think, overall, it’ll be almost impossible to be disappointed with the number of characters in the roster.”

“This is the most robust roster we’ve had for a Street Fighter game. I don’t want to say ever because someone will get me if I say that, but it’s a lot of characters,” he stated.

Several followers of "Street Fighter X Tekken" are puzzled by the absence of "Tekken" character Jin in recent trailers. The next round of trailers should reveal this much-requested fighter.

Nevertheless, the next fighting game coming from Capcom is set for a release on March 6, 2012.

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