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Attorney Says Trump Lied on Witness Stand

Attorney Says Trump Lied on Witness Stand

An attorney had alleged that Donald Trump lied on the stand during the lawsuit hearing between the business magnate and an 87-year-old woman.

Jackie Goldberg is suing the business magnate in federal court under allegations that he ripped her off when he sold her two $1 million hotel condo units within downtown Chicago's Trump Tower.

Then after the deal, Trump reneged on financial incentives he had promised to early investors.

Goldberg's attorney, Shelly Kulwin, is taking aim at Trump on behalf of his client this week. The lawyer accused Trump of lying on the witness stand last week and added his personal disdain for the millionaire.

Kulwin argued that his client learned her values growing up during the Depression era and was therefore powerless against the mega mogul Trump.

"The thought of my grandma being in the same room with that guy, yuck," said the attorney, according to the Associated Press.

The comment was deemed unacceptable by the judge, who told jurors to ignore it.

Later on, Kulwin said Trump's actions during the deal with his client were motivated by greed.

"It's like his family, those dollars," said the lawyer, according to the local CBS News. "He's in the business of getting, not in the business of giving."

On the defensive, Trump's attorney Stephen Novack accused Kulwin of relying on personal attacks on Trump out of desperation and lack of evidence.

Meanwhile, last week, Trump accused the elderly woman who is suing him of "playing the age card."

During a tirade in the lobby of the Dirksen Federal Court building last Wednesday, Trump said that Goldberg was being "disgraceful," according to The Chicago Sun Times.

The television personality also said that Goldberg was scamming him in order to keep her $500,000 deposit.

"She's trying to rip me off," Trump told The Chicago Tribune. "She really is. She concocted the whole situation."


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