Sunday, July 08, 2012
Casey Anthony and Child of Incest? Her Lawyer Details Anthony's Claims Against Father

Casey Anthony and Child of Incest? Her Lawyer Details Anthony's Claims Against Father

Casey Anthony's lawyer spoken out on previous claims that Caylee Anthony may have been born out of incest.

Only one year after Casey Anthony was found not guilty of murdering her then two year old daughter and burying the remains, Anthony's lawyer Jose Baez has offered details of accusations that Anthony's father committed incest. In the recently released book "Presumed Guilty -- Casey Anthony: The Inside Story," Baez gives further detail into the case and opens up about claims that Casey Anthony's daughter was fathered by her own father George.

Baez details within the book claims that Anthony was sexually abused by her father for over 10 years, beginning when she was only eight years of age. He indicates that at the age of 18, Casey tried to tell her father that Caylee was his own daughter. Baez also states that Casey Anthony had even suggested that her own father may have killed the little girl in order to cover up evidence of the incest.

For his own part, Anthony's father has flatly denied ever sexually abusing his daughter. Both George Anthony and Casey's brother Lee were given DNA tests, and it was confirmed that neither men were the father of the two-year-old.

But Baez recalled approaching Anthony's father about the sexual abuse accusations.

"George sat for perhaps 40 seconds with his head bowed. He didn't say a word," Baez writes in the book. "We certainly noted that he didn't deny it. Cheney and I looked at each other in wonderment."

"Oh my God,' is what George finally said," Baez wrote. "He slapped his leg with his hand and he asked, 'What else did she say?'"

Baez charges that Anthony's father never actually denied sexually abusing his daughter during the initial conversation.

After Casey Anthony was found not guilty, Baez helped the woman to escape media attention to Florida where she remained in hiding until presented with new court charges on slander.