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Chris Brown Praying for Justin Bieber Amid Media Scrutiny

Chris Brown Praying for Justin Bieber Amid Media Scrutiny

Chris Brown recently revealed that he is praying for fellow singer Justin Bieber who has been facing scrutiny in the media recently.

Brown, 23, has been making his media rounds to promote his new single "Fine China" and upcoming sixth studio album "X." After assaulting girlfriend Rihanna in 2009, Brown has overcome his own share of media scrutiny and spoke about identifying with how 19-year-old Bieber is feeling.

"It's sort of what Justin Bieber is going through right now. It's a case like how I feel," Brown said during a recent appearance on New York City radio station Power 105.1 recently. "It's being young, having limitless amount of income to do whatever you feel and at the same time there's nobody to say 'hey bruh you're looking bad right now. You're doing this or you're doing that.'"

Brown explained how he has overcome negative media headlines throughout the years.

"For me I had the people that said it and I got through eventually. But right now ... I mean (Bieber's) team is wonderful," Brown said on Power 105.1's "The Breakfast Club." "I feel like the mainstream media is going to target the little black boys around him and say 'hey this is why he's doing it.'"

Brown joked that he would have probably been made into the scapegoat for Bieber's public issues if he were to have spent time with the singer. Bieber has been the subject of numerous media headlines recently that have alleged violent behavior, issues with substance abuse and a mental breakdown lately.

"I'm sure glad I wasn't around because they would have said 'hey you learned from Chris Brown.' So I just pray for him, I pray for myself," Brown said on "The Breakfast Club." "I think we both go through it because we're great artists. And he's a big artist to his fans and everybody around. He's like a baby Elvis."


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