Friday, March 09, 2012
Chris Brown Raps About Violent Past in New Song; Rihanna's Father Forgives Him

Chris Brown Raps About Violent Past in New Song; Rihanna's Father Forgives Him

Chris Brown has released a new song that details his feelings about physically injuring ex-girlfriend Rihanna three years ago.

In the song titled "How I Feel," Brown, 22, speaks about his experience with 23-year-old singer Rihanna. Although Brown is known most for his singing, he raps on the record where he details witnessing violence growing up.

"All alone sleeping in my bedroom, as I wet the sheets my mama gonna be dead soon," Brown rhymes. "'Cause her man beat her, but he don't realize she's important to this family like a (expletive) heirloom."

Brown also raps about his own violent behavior, and how he has grown since then. He also mentions the connection he shares with his former girlfriend, regardless of who she may be involved with.

"Nineteen, a (expletive) went through a tragedy. Three years, a (expletive) just found a better me," Brown raps. "Yeah, you might find another lover, but you always started with Breezy like the letter B."

Brown's assault on Rihanna three years ago resulted in a felony assault case in which he was forced to serve 180 days of community service after consenting to a plea agreement. Still, many have forgiven Brown for the incident, including Rihanna and her father.

Ronald Fenty, Rihanna's father, who she has admitted was abusive to her mother, spoke about Brown being a good person.

"Chris is a nice guy, and everybody's entitled to make mistakes in their life," Fenty told the Heat magazine recently. "God knows how many I've made."

For Brown, the scrutiny from people judging his actions has been hard. He also spoke about the difficulties that come along with fame in "How I Feel."

"Nightmares feeling haunted because fame ain't freedom and this diamond chain only means they're holding you hostage," he said.

Still, Brown raps about growing from his past in the new song.

"I'm gonna keep living my life day to day...learn from my mistakes," he raps.


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