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Four Lion Cubs Born at Seattle Zoo: Cute Video Goes Viral (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Four Lion Cubs Born at Seattle Zoo: Cute Video Goes Viral (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

The Lion Cubs have become an instant hit on YouTube. | (Photo: Woodland Park Zoo via The Christian Post)

Four lion cubs have been born at Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo with a video of the cute cubs already becoming a viewer favorite.

Although the cubs are still too small to be placed out on public view by the zoo, video footage has been shot showing the cubs off to animal fans.

The four lion cubs were born at the zoo on Nov. 8. Their births come after the zoo successfully matched two adult lions together for mating. Mother Adia, 3, and father Hubert, 13, were successfully matched together and the four lion cubs are their first together.

The zoo is celebrating the new births as they are the first litter of lion cubs born a the zoo for more than 20 years. The last time the zoo successfully was able to have a birth of lion cubs was back in 1991.

A new video, which has been posted on YouTube, has already garnered a lot of attention, and shows mother Adia looking after the four lion cubs, grooming them as they play around by her side.

At the moment the temperature in Seattle is still less than 50 degrees, and so for now the cubs will be kept inside. But it has been reported by the zoo that once they grow stronger and bigger, and when the temperature rises above 50 degrees then they will likely be moved outside for zoo visitors to see, according to King 5.

Martin Ramirez, the zoo's mammal curator, told ABC News: "We've been monitoring them the last few weeks by video camera. By using the video, we've been able to tell the mother is taking great care of them. There was one cub early on that was making us very nervous, though."

He added, "She's a first-time mom, and a typical litter size for a first-time mom is two. We were all really excited when she had the one, and then she had two, and then three came along, and we were like 'O.K., wow,' and then the fourth one came along and we were a little worried because that's a handful. That's when we made the decision that we're just going to watch and if we have to intervene, we will."

According to the zoo, the lion cubs were born perfectly healthy and so far are doing great. Ramirez has said that now they are growing healthier and stronger they will soon be named. The zoo has plans to present the public with 10 to 15 names and let them vote for what each cub should be called.

Here is a video of the four new lion cubs:


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