Tuesday, October 11, 2011
iPhone 5 Release Date: iPhone 4S Smashes Records

iPhone 5 Release Date: iPhone 4S Smashes Records

Preorders for the iPhone 4S have crushed previous records, topping 1 million in a single day.

Consumer response was so large that carrier websites experienced significant delays – resulting in Verizon making a not so subtle dig at its rivals.

“Pre-order your iPhone 4S from the most reliable network in America. Our website is running at full speed, ready for your order. Someone else can’t keep up. Really want to depend on them?” Verizon posted on its Facebook page.

Adding, “We’re up all night but we don’t sleep all day. There’s still time to pre-order your iPhone 4S on America’s most reliable network.”

People trying to preorder their iPhone 4S on AT&T reportedly took nearly two hours to get their orders through.

According to online site The Lazy Geeks, AT&T’s website also overloaded during last year’s presale. The site eventually shut down, but was back up 45 minutes later – only to allow you to reserve a phone.

The iPhone 4S 1 million-order record beats out its predecessor, the iPhone 4, which only garnered 600,000 in a single day, CBS wrote.

"We are blown away with the incredible customer response to iPhone 4S," Phil Schiller, Apple's VP of worldwide product marketing said in a statement. "The first day pre-orders for iPhone 4S have been the most for any new product that Apple has ever launched and we are thrilled that customers love iPhone 4S as much as we do."

Apple’s iPhone 4S unveiling had disappointed many fans expecting the iPhone 5. However, if iPhone 4S sales continue at this rate it could become the fastest selling iPhone in the company’s history.

The 4S will hit shelves Oct. 14 and are available in three different capacities: 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB, priced at $199, $299, and $399 respectively.


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