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iPhone 5 Release Date: LIVE - iOS 5 Coming for Free on Oct. 12

iPhone 5 Release Date: LIVE - iOS 5 Coming for Free on Oct. 12

Today's Apple press conference has just announced the latest news surrounding its brand new firmware program – the iOS 5.

Scott Forestall, Apple's Senior Vice President of iPhone software, noted that the brand new iOS 5 has over 200 new features. However, he chose to speak on just 10 of the major features.

“Notifications” was the first one mentioned. iMessage, a new messaging service between iOS users, was also explained. He went on to state: “iMessages are pushed to all your devices so you can start on one and pick up on another.”

The next feature that was introduced is a brand new app called “Reminders.”

This application offers location-based reminders via geo-fence. It could issue messages such as: “Remind me to pick up my laundry when I leave work.”

Twitter integration, Newsstand and a new Camera app (lock screen shortcut, volume button for shutter) are the others being offered.

Apple's iOS 5 will be available to users on Oct. 12 as a free update.

The iOS is currently the number one mobile operating system with 43 percent of market. Apple has paid out $3 billion to developers.

A massive 18 billion App Store downloads have been calculated thus far.


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