Tuesday, November 22, 2011
Justin Bieber 'Baby Mama' Rumors Lead Some to Believe Star No Longer a Virgin

Justin Bieber 'Baby Mama' Rumors Lead Some to Believe Star No Longer a Virgin

Justin Bieber has already submitted his DNA for testing. But the pop star's alleged “baby mama,” Mariah Yeater, is avoiding giving her baby's DNA for comparison because it might get her sued, leading the few people who believed the “baby rumors” to believe they were all a lie and Bieber is not the father. However, the sex allegations have led some to no longer believe Bieber's claims to be a virgin.

According to TMZ, Yeater's legal team is avoiding contact with the Bieber team because they fear a lawsuit will be imminent once it is found that the DNA does not match. The Bieber crew has said repeatedly that they plan in filing defamation of character lawsuits for the claims that Bieber impregnated Yeater after an impromptu sex tryst after a concert in Los Angeles last year.

Yeater claimed that Bieber, the dream boy of millions of pre-pubescent teens, was forceful and vulgar in their alleged sexual encounter, muttering obscenities and refusing to wear a condom.

Bieber's public image appears not to have been hurt by the scandal, as the singer continues to top the charts and pick up awards around the world, but the allegations have certainly added a bit of doubt regarding Bieber's claims that he is a virgin who is waiting until marriage to have sex.

Gossip writer Jessica Wakeman at The Frisky suggested that the sordid sex allegations have led her to doubt Bieber is still a virgin, but not because of the claims themselves. Rather, Wakeman writes, it is the lack of response from Bieber's PR team about the impossibility of Yeater's claims being true if the “Baby, Baby” singer is still a virgin.

Bieber's PR team “denied the paternity, of course, but never once did anyone say, 'This can’t be true, Justin couldn’t have impregnated Mariah Yeater, because he is a virgin!'” Wakeman wrote.

The allegations of Bieber taking advantage of his stardom to have sex has also led fans to consider what his personal life must be like, leading many to believe that it would be nearly impossible for a 17 year-old in his position to avoid temptation.

“What 17-year-old boy with thousands (or millions?) of girls willing to have sex with him would be a virgin” a commenter on gossip site, wrote.

Even Barbara Walters wondered if Bieber is still “saving himself” when she asked her co-hosts on “The View” if they thought Bieber was still a virgin, and said she would ask him if he still is next time he is on the show.

“Virginity as a prop for morality, virtue and family-friendliness is nothing new in pop music,” wrote music site, Bark + Bite, pointing out that Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, and the Jonas Brothers all making their virginity a part of their image at different parts of their careers (Miley Cyrus also claimed to be a virgin, although Tila Tequila claimed on Twitter in 2010 that she was not).

"I don't believe in sex before marriage. I go out with boys and we kiss, but that is it," Spears told the Calgary Sun in 2000, at the age of 19. "I want to wait until I get married before I sleep with anyone."

Although Spears ended up not living up to that ideal, the general consensus is that Simpson and the Jonas Brothers have. Each wore “virginity rings,” according to interviews, which apparently seem to be working.

Bieber's virginity status should probably not be on the minds of the American public, including Barbara Walters, but it has been an important part of the image of pop stars in the past, and Bieber is no exception.

Nevertheless, as Bieber continues to sell albums, fans have their doubts. As the PrezHilton commenter said, “Yeah. Bieber is a virgin just like Spears and Miley.”


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