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Leap Day: Free Cookie Alert, If You Can Afford the Calories

Leap Day only happens once every four years, which for some means finally getting to celebrate their birthday on the right day. For others, it could also mean free cookies at Subway although all things must come at a cost.

In celebration of Leap Day, Subway has decided to offer a free cookie to every person who makes a purchase. The offer is good all day on February 29th.

However, customers who cash in on their free cookie shouldn't expect to "Eat Fresh" today. Subway is famous for running ads about its healthy food. What Subway doesn't reveal, though, is how unfair their comparisons to other fast food chains really are.

In celebration of the free cookie, perhaps it's time to do a cookie calorie count. If customers go in for a free cookie today, they will be committing to consuming up to 12 grams of fat and 220 calories.

Customers that frequent Subway may also be well aware of their napkin comparison, which reveals the fattening contents of one of McDonald's worst burgers, the Big Mac . The napkin compares the Big Mac to six of Subways least fattening sandwiches, without some of the most popular condiments being included.

If a customer purchased one of the most fattening sandwiches at Subway, they would be committing to 28g of fat and 570 calories, in a 6-inch sandwich. Double that if you are going for a $5 foot long sub.

For a 6-inch Cold Cut Combo, which is one of Subways most popular sandwiches, customers are still committing to more calories than they might expect. The combo, on 9-grain honey oat served with cheese, veggies, and mayonnaise has a whopping 570 calories and 29 grams of fat.

Did you want chips with that?

Subway is as guilty of asking customers to turn their meals into combos. Pick the wrong bag of chips, and you could be adding another 250 calories to your meal.

If customers went to McDonalds and attempted to pick one the most healthy meal options, it would make Subway's Cold Cut Combo look bad too.

A Premium Grilled Chicken Sandwich, with a side salad and apple slices comes to 390 calories and nine grams of fat. A Subway Cold Cut also only offers 18g of protein verses a meal at McDonalds, which has 29g of protein.

Of course, it's Leap Day, and a holiday is total justification for consuming at least one cookie, especially if it's free.

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