Tuesday, February 21, 2012
Mariano Rivera to Retire? Not Likey, Says David Robertson

Mariano Rivera to Retire? Not Likey, Says David Robertson

New fear struck Yankee fans after Mariano Rivera suggested that this may be his last year in Major League Baseball. However, fellow player David Robertson has shown doubt.

Robertson finished his 2011 season with 100 strikeouts and became the first Yankee reliever since Rivera to record 100 strikeouts in a single season. He is considered by some to be Rivera's successor.

"The 26-year-old Robertson admitted that he'd relish a chance to close someday," reported. However, he doesn't quite believe that Rivera will retire.

"You never know," Robertson said. "He might Brett Favre us." The NFL quarterback finally retired in 2011 after years of announcing his plans to retire and then backing out. Robertson has emerged as one of MLB's top relievers, positioning him as next in line if Rivera actually retires.

Although Rivera said he wouldn't announce official plans until the end of the season, he gave some reason as to why he was considering retirement.

"My kids want me home," Rivera said Monday. "They were ready for me to stay home. I had to tell them, I have a job to do. I have obligations."

Rivera had a scare during the off season, after he had to undergo surgery in December to remove polyps from his vocal chords.

"It did scare me," Rivera said. "It did change a lot of things. It shows you how quick you can be gone. How important not to overlook anything. It could be cancer. I was relieved when everything came back negative."

In light of the incident, Rivera has remarked that he has a life outside of his career. "I have my church, my family," he said. "I've been blessed in amazing ways. I've have a great career, but at the same time, there's other things to do."

Robertson still held his doubts.

"I'll believe it when it happens," Robertson said. He also added the despite his eagerness for a new opportunity, "someday" may not come anytime soon.