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More Body Parts Found, Gruesome Details Emerge in Luka Magnotta Case

More Body Parts Found, Gruesome Details Emerge in Luka Magnotta Case

Officials in Canada have located what they believe to be the other hand and foot of Jun Lin, the young man killed by Luka Magnotta. The appendages had been mailed to two separate schools in Vancouver, after Magnotta was taken into custody in Berlin. New details are emerging in the gruesome case, including the likelihood that Magnotta ate part of Lin's body.

Luka Magnotta is wanted by Interpol for killing and dismembering a man. | (Photo: Twitter/Org9)

"As gross and graphic as it could be, yes, it was seen on the video," Montreal Police Commander Ian Lafreniere told the press. Magnotta filmed himself killing and dismembering Lin's body before performing sexual acts and possibly eating the remains.

He then mailed Lin's hands and feet to four separate locations, stashing the torso in a suitcase behind his apartment building before fleeing to Germany. Police reportedly used his cell phone signals to track Magnotta's movements and discovered him searching for naked pictures of himself online. They were able to take him into custody in the Internet café in Berlin.

Magnotta has stated that he will not fight the extradition order to British Columbia, where the crime took place.

"I assume there will be no problems," explained police spokesman Thomas Neuendorf. "According to his statements to prosecutors, he will not fight his extradition."

Though some footage of Magnotta's home movie has been released to the public, officials have suggested that there is a longer, uncut film that they will not be releasing in order to protect the evidence for trial.

"We're keeping some details for ourselves," Lefreniere stated.

Lin's family has been notified but will not issue a statement until more time has passed and they feel ready. Lin and Magnotta were lovers at one point, who met at university. It is still unknown what led to the brutal killing, though Magnotta has a history of posting violent videos of himself online.


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