'One Piece' Chapter 901, 902 Spoilers: Was the Upcoming Arc Revealed Too Early?

One Piece
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The latest chapter of "One Piece" has set up the next big arc of the long-running manga.

Even though they were worried the revelation of the fate of the Straw Hat Pirates will be held off, readers learned in chapter 901 that after the Thousand Sunny sunk, Luffy and his crew managed to escape the chaos alive with the help of Wadatsumi and the Sun Pirates.

The latter swore to protect the Straw Hats with their lives until they get someplace safe, pushing Jinbe to help them. As Luffy parted ways with Jinbe, Luffy declares himself the latter's captain now, telling his new crew member that they will wait for him in Wano Country.

Because of this, fans fear what could happen to Jinbe come "One Piece" chapter 902. The situation is so dire that the Sun Pirates accepted that it will all end with their deaths.

Jinbe staying behind means he is looking to prevent that, but readers fear that he might just add to the potential death toll. After all, much of the story of the character in connection to Luffy's crew is about him becoming the ninth member, and now that he is, he might not get to do adventures with them as an official part of the team.

Of course, the second major revelation in "One Piece" chapter 901 is that the manga is finally bringing the action to Wano Country, which will be the Straw Hat's new not-so-welcoming refuge.

Fans have known for a while now that the series will make its way to Wano as the editors have been hyping it up since last year. The arc is supposed to be excellent and one to look forward to. However, some readers believe that they spilled the beans on this one too early.

A fan took to Reddit to rant about how this reveal could affect "One Piece" moving forward since it somehow makes the story predictable, which means that no matter how the events seem to hint otherwise, readers would know it will all lead to Wano.

The same Redditor believes that this ruins the Whole Cake Island arc, which looks to be far from over. The move may have ultimately devalued the current saga as fans would just want it over with so that they can get to Wano Country already.

The Wano arc is something that "One Piece" fans have been anticipating. They knew it was coming but did not have the slightest clue when it will actually get here.

"One Piece" editors have been building it up as the next Marineford, which is deemed one of the best arcs in the entire manga. This intensified the excitement for the story arc as well as the expectation for Eiichiro Oda and his team to deliver. The build-up on top of the premature reveal may lead to some fans being impatient with the current arc.

Some readers would prefer to be surprised. They want to know that Wano Country will be the next destination only by when the Whole Cake Island arc is actually over.

"One Piece" chapter 902 is not expected to be the end of the Big Mom-centric story just yet, so it might be a while before Luffy and the gang get to Wano Country anyway.

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