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Oprah Winfrey Fires Back at Mean Fan on Her Birthday

Oprah Winfrey Fires Back at Mean Fan on Her Birthday

Oprah Winfrey turned 59 on Jan 29 and made sure to speak her mind when a social media user commented on her aging appearance.

When one person took to Twitter to let Winfrey know that she looked "old as hell" on her television show "Oprah's Next Chapter," the media proprietor was not afraid to respond.

"Old as Hell? Really," Winfrey asked the person on the social media website, using their direct Twitter handle.

The exchange caused other people to take notice, and even prompted another person to name the event as the most awkward that took place on the social media network.

"Most awkward moment in Twitter History *screenshots*," the person tweeted.

Winfrey has over 16 million followers on Twitter and has been known to speak directly to fans in the past. However, the media proprietor has never shied away from chastising people for making comments that she deemed inappropriate or non-factual.

Last July, Winfrey defended herself against one person who questioned her philanthropy efforts in the black community on Twitter.

"@Oprah when are u going 2 give back 2 the ghettos in America (SIC),"an individual on the social networking website tweeted.

The media personality decided to defend herself.

"When are u," Winfrey asked the person on Twitter. "I've put 500 African American men thru college. And u sir?"

Still, Winfrey focused less on her most recent exchange with the individual on Twitter and more on thanking people for extending well wishes for her birthday.

"Thanks everyone for your birthday wishes. Enjoying lunch with Stedman," the media maven tweeted. "No plans to leave p.j.'s all day."

A number of people shared in the day with Winfrey by taking to Twitter to wish her a happy birthday.

"Happy birthday to my friend @Oprah. A confidant, a mentor, a source of endless inspiration," comedian and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres tweeted. "I love being all those things for you."

Actress Teri Hatcher was another one of many celebrities that took time to wish Winfrey well on the day of her birth.

"Happy birthday@Oprah. Like no one else she's done so much to help empower enlighten and educate women," Hatcher tweeted. "Much respect and thanks Oprah!"


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