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Oreo Breast Milk Ad Creates Stir

Oreo Breast Milk Ad Creates Stir

An advertisement for Kraft Food's Oreo cookies is at the center of a growing controversy after it was made available to the public even though it was never intended to do so.

Kraft Foods, who owns Nabisco which makes Oreo's, has claimed that the advertisement was not authorized and that it was leaked to the public.

Kraft Foods has also denied any involvement in the creation of the advertisement, and that the agency hired to produce the ad campaign had no approval for distributing the ad or even to create it.

A representative for Kraft Foods has come out and denied that the ad was used anywhere, conflicting with reports that the ad was featured in South Korea.

A spokesman for the global food distributor issued a statement where they aimed to contain any additional fallout from the incident.

"Our understanding is that they created it for use at an isolated advertising awards forum in Korea," the spokesman said. "It was never intended for consumer advertising or public distribution."

The ad features a mother with an exposed breast holding a baby who is also holding an Oreo cookie in his left hand. The mother's nipple is partially exposed.

The description of the ad touts the Oreo cookie as "milk's favorite cookie" as the baby looks directly into the camera giving the impression that the baby is looking directly at the viewer.

The ad continues to explain in the picture that: "For all you haters commenting on this…when you have milk, you gotta have Oreo."

The ad was created by the global ad agency Cheil Worldwide who was hired by Nabisco Korea to produce a new ad campaign to garner interest in Oreo cookies in the region. There is no word yet if Kraft will be subject to any additional actions.


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