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'Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel' Episode 6 Spoilers: Villainous Ninjas to Attack Amid Romantic Conflict Between Rangers

'Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel' Episode 6 Spoilers: Villainous Ninjas to Attack Amid Romantic Conflict Between Rangers

Promotional image for the American live-action superhero series “Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel.” It is the 24th title in the long-running "Power Rangers" franchise, and is the second season of the previously concluded "Ninja Steel." | Power Rangers Official Site

Two new clips have been released for the upcoming sixth episode of the American live-action superhero series, "Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel."

In the episode titled, "Attack of the Galactic Ninjas," Brody Romero (William Shewfelt), a.ka. Ninja Steel Red Ranger, and his crew may be on their way to finally meeting their match. But amidst the promise of yet another action-packed episode is a rather personal issue between Hayley Foster (Zoe Robins), a.k.a. Ninja Steel White Ranger, and her boyfriend Calvin Maxwell, a.k.a. Ninja Steel Yellow Ranger.

In the first clip, as shared by, Calvin begins to doubt the apparent closeness of Hayley and Preston Tien (Peter Sudarso), a.k.a. Ninja Steel Blue Ranger. The two have been spending quite a lot of time together after they ended up sharing the same class.

And things will only get worse after Calvin and Sarah Thompson (Chrysti Ane), a.k.a. Ninja Steel Pink Ranger, catch Hayley giving Calvin a kiss on the cheek at the park. However, a potential confrontation was interrupted when Madama Oduis' monsters appear.

The second clip reveals the reason behind the kiss and why Preston and Hayley have been spending so much time together. The two have apparently been preparing for a play, and after a series of events that involved Victor Vincent (Chris Reid) showing off his acting chops, the latter somehow ends up with the understudy role.

Things have never been easy for superheroes, especially with the added pressures and challenges of school. Can Preston and Hayley still perform at the play after Madama Odius' monsters are done with them?

Who exactly are the Galactic Ninjas and just what kind of threat are they about to bring to the Power Rangers' lives? More importantly, will Hayley and Calvin be ultimately given a chance to kiss and make up in the end?

"Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel" airs on Saturdays at 12 p.m. EST on Nickelodeon.


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