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Prince Harry Threatened by Taliban in Afghanistan: Trying to 'Get Rid of Him,' Spokesman Says

Prince Harry Threatened by Taliban in Afghanistan: Trying to 'Get Rid of Him,' Spokesman Says

Britain's Prince Harry (R) lines up before he receives his wings from his father, Prince Charles, at the Army Aviation Centre at Middle Wallop, southern England May 7, 2010. Harry is training to be an Apache attack helicopter pilot. | (Reuters/Eddie Keogh)

Prince Harry has been back in Afghanistan for less than one week but has become the subject of threats by the Taliban in the country. According to statements made by the regime, Harry is the subject of a kidnapping or murder plot, leading to increased security for the Prince.

"We are using all our strength to get rid of him, either by killing or kidnapping," Taliban spokesman Zabihulla Mujahid told Reuters. "We have informed our commanders in Helmand to do whatever they can to eliminate him."

Harry has previously served in the country in 2008 and was able to serve on the front lines, thanks to a news blackout. The press was not told of Harry's 2008 arrival in Afghanistan in an effort to maintain his privacy and ensure protection. Unfortunately, the press did catch on and Harry was removed from the front lines.

The Ministry of Defense has not commented on the latest threats or what is doing to protect Harry. He is a Captain in the Army and takes his service very seriously; he was reunited with his unit on Friday morning after much ado about his wild week in Las Vegas.

Harry is second in line to the British throne, after his brother, Prince William. He will likely not ascend to the throne but rather pursue his own career choice. Like his uncles and brother before him, Harry is not new to the armed forces, but he certainly seems to enjoy his work more than the others.

He is supposed to serve a 4-month tour of duty, but with these threats, Harry could be pulled out of the country and sent elsewhere. Many have mixed emotions about the famous royal spending time in the company of soldiers whose lives could now be endangered.


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