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Prince Harry's Charity Work Keeps Diana Close

Prince Harry's Charity Work Keeps Diana Close

Prince Harry may be known as a wild child, but he is also seriously dedicated to his charity work. In a new interview with CBS, Harry reveals his softer side and the reason he is so involved with charities.

The 27-year-old younger son of the late Princess Diana has broken his silence and spoken with CBS about his life inside the palace, the importance of charity work, and remembering his mother. In 2006 he co-founded an organization named Sentebale with Lesotho's Prince Seesio to raise awareness of vulnerable children in the country.

When asked whether he thought about his mother while working with the charity, Harry responded: "I haven't necessarily had time to think about her." The prince just returned from a 10-day, four country trip to the Caribbean as part of Queen Elizabeth's Golden Jubilee celebration. "In my own personal moments of reflection of specific places, then yes [I remember her]."

"'Sentebale' means 'forget me not,'- simple case of not forgetting the children. And also, not forgetting our mothers who both Prince Seesio and I lost at a fairly young age," he explained.

Harry also spoke about the benefit of charity. "I get a huge buzz from spending time with kids. Not just the kids … but kids in general. Every time I spend time with kids, it's fantastic. You get this buzz. I'm still very much a kid inside myself. Spending time with them keeps me grounded as such."

Harry also revealed more personal plans for his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, and her Golden Jubilee.

"When I get back, I'm sure ideas will start flowing. Us, as a group of grandchildren, will hopefully be able to have a dinner and something and do something fun with her, maybe take her out on the town, I don't know," he told CBS' Seth Doane.

"She's a fantastic woman. Not only as a grandmother, but as a queen as everybody knows. You know, me being asked to do these countries and kick off the Jubilee tour is an honor," he gushed.

It is clear that family is very important to Harry, as is being reminded of his human life and giving back rather than his royal one. Diana, too, presided over many charities during her short life, and Harry follows in her footsteps.


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