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Quincy Jones Biopic: 'Lion King' Star Donald Glover is Music Mogul's Top Choice

Quincy Jones Biopic: 'Lion King' Star Donald Glover is Music Mogul's Top Choice

Quincy Jones would like "Lion King" star Donald Glover to play him in his biopic. The music mogul said he's planning a 10-episode TV series on his life and hoped Glover would agree to lead it.

Donald Glover is Quincy Jones choice to play him in his life story. | REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

The music producer told GQ that he's at the busiest point of his life at 84 years old. Aside from the TV series, he's also producing 10 movies, six albums and four Broadway shows. He's doing business with the president of China and he's in talks with two networks for new projects.

Jones will turn 85 in March and CBS is planning a big event for him with Oprah Winfrey as host. Netflix is also releasing a documentary about the music mogul.

Meanwhile, Glover has quite the packed schedule himself. Apart from working on the live-action version of Disney's "Lion King" as the voice of Simba, Glover will also be seen next in the Han Solo film as Lando Calrissian.

Glover is also preparing for the premiere of the second season of "Atlanta" on FX on March 1. The series and Glover won the Golden Globes in 2017 for Best Television Series and Best Actor in Comedy, respectively.

The actor is also known as the rap artist Childish Gambino, who recently won a Grammy for Best R&B single. The 34-year-old musician confirmed he's working on his fourth and last rap album with RCA.

It has not yet been determined, however, on which network or streaming platform Jones plans to launch his biopic. He did not elaborate on the other details apart from hoping to sign on Glover.

Jones started his career as a jazz musician at 19-years-old. He became a prominent part of the music industry in the 1960s as the executive of a recording company. He worked with music legends like Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Diana Ross, and Michael Jackson.

The music mogul is also an activist who supports various African-American rights movements. Jones got married three times and has seven children. He almost lost his life in 1974 to a brain aneurysm and even witnessed his own memorial service since family members and close friends thought he was not going to survive his condition.



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