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Roach in McDonald's Hash Brown Felt 'Like Lettuce' (PHOTO)

A roach in a McDonald's has brown is calling attention to the food practices of some restaurants- and just plain grossing others out.

The roach in a McDonald's was discovered by a Reddit user called LinkBoyJT. While there have been a number of disgusting food-related stories that turned out to be hoaxes, the Reddit user uploaded a picture he took as proof of his early morning visit to the fast food restaurant.

"I was eating a hash brown from McDonald's on the way home when I felt something on the bottom…" he wrote. The picture seems to show a roach, but the insect could possibly be a moth.

To further confirm his story, the Redditor updated his post soon after with the response from the manager after he informed her of the incident.

"I took the thing and showed it to the manager and she marked my receipt so I could get the same meal for free the next time I come in for breakfast," wrote LinkBoyJT. "She didn't really seem all that concerned."

Needless to say, many who heard LinkBoyJT's story were disgusted.

"I will never EVER again eat another hash brown from them again ewww," wrote anitafeeney on the Huffington Post blog.

"This is why I ALWAYS pull apart my hash browns and potato cakes … and you have to wonder what this McDonalds looked like if the manager wasn't concerned that ANY type of bug was in the food," posted Vanadesse 1067.

LinkBoyJT's sentiments were similar about the situation.

"If I would have bitten it or gotten closer, I probably would have vomited," he wrote, adding that he first thought the bug was lettuce. He was driving home in the early morning and couldn't see the insect clearly at first.

This certainly isn't the first time McDonald's has gotten bad press for their food. In 2010, a man, Tommy Lam, found over 50 dead ants in his breakfast burrito. In 2011, Irene Cruz found insect parts on almost every plate in a Miami McDonald's.

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