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Taylor Swift Named Billboard 'Woman of the Year': Social Media Reactions

Taylor Swift Named Billboard 'Woman of the Year': Social Media Reactions

Taylor Swift has been named Billboard Magazine’s “2011 Woman of the Year,” and critics and fans alike are using social media to express their opinions of the honor.

Critics of the country starlet were upset about the young singer being honored over more established singers.

@Judeinlondon tweeted, “Billboard naming Taylor Swift "Woman of the Year" has just set us females back about 100 years. I can't begin to describe how I despise her.”

Comments regarding Swift’s “Woman of the Year” honor have also poured in via Facebook. One user, Chris Barrons said he did not understand her appeal.

Barrons wrote,” I could find a number of country singers more worthy than Taylor Swift! she, in my opinion, is NOTHING she gets up & sings...BIG DEAL! there are hundreds of taylor's out there...the only difference is she got noticed first! do NOT like her..never will!”

Jeff Ting shared similar sentiments, but said he still respected the singer.

Ting wrote, “Don't hate Taylor swift but man this chick is overrated.”

Many social media users were also upset that powerhouse artist, Adele was not the ‘Woman of the Year” – since she has the highest selling album this year.

“Unless it's somehow related to charting over a lifetime (which it doesn't seem to be, given how young she is) it should have been Adele. She's been dominant, and even managed to take a full-on ballad to #1,” Larry Williams wrote on Facebook.

Raprap Andrada agreed with Williams writing, “yup, I think this year was Adele's...”

Critics were not the only people on social media expressing their opinion. Fans of Swift were excited by Billboard’s honor.

@Lejla_H tweeted, “ Billboard's Woman of the Year = my girl Tswift. Youngest lady to ever get the award!”

Country legend Reba McEntire took to Twitter to congratulate Swift.

“RT @billboard: Congrats Taylor!!!! !Announcing the 2011 'Billboard Woman of the Year' - Taylor Swift!!!!! So happy for you!!!!!” Reba tweeted.


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