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Tebow Not 'The Bachelor' Prospective, Spends Time Saving Children Instead

Tebow Not 'The Bachelor' Prospective, Spends Time Saving Children Instead

Even though football season has ended, fans still can't seem to get enough of Denver quarterback Tim Tebow. The craze has initiated many rumors that state Tebow will be making a number of television appearances. The latest rumor suggested Tebow would be ABC's next Bachelor, but the quarterback appears to be busy working on more meaningful projects.

Rumors spread over the weekend that Tim Tebow had agreed to be the next Bachelor. However, unfortunately for Tebow's single fans, Tebow himself has confirmed that the rumors are not true.

"Haha rumors can be crazy! Even though I've watched the show before, I'm definitely not gonna be on the Bachelor," the quarterback wrote on Twitter.

The NFL player won't likely need to be fixed up either. This year alone, he has already met Jordan Sparks, Katharine McPhee, and Taylor Swift- the last of which he took to dinner. Although Swift and Tebow's date was described as casual, media already has experts evaluating the couple's relationship potential.

According to Andrea Syrtash, relationship expert and author of "He's Just Not Your Type (And That's a Good Thing)," Tebow and Swift's religious values could help fuel a relationship.

"Tebow and Swift were raised with Christian and strong family values. The fact that they are around the same age and both came into the public eye as teenagers also makes it more likely that they understand each other," Syrtash told the Huffington Post.

Tebow doesn't seemed too focused on his dating life however. The football player instead has been spending his most recent time working on the Tim Tebow foundation.

According to Tebow's foundation website, "The Foundation utilizes the public platform that God has blessed Tim Tebow with to inspire and make a difference in people's lives throughout the world."

He has also given his support to Presil Collins, a 10 year-old girl who is suffering from a genetic disease. Last month Tebow took the young girl to the Cartoon Network awards.


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