Three Things That Will Make Apple and Samsung Users Switch to the OnePlus Flagship

OnePlus 5T
 A promotional image for the OnePlus 5T |

Apple and Samsung might be the biggest players in the mobile game right now, but a promising challenger that is OnePlus is quickly shaping up to be a much bigger threat.

OnePlus has proven itself to be capable of stealing the thunder from the two most popular smartphone manufacturers. The Chinese company has discovered the recipe for success already, and all it takes is for them to stick to it in order to stand out.

There is so much excitement surrounding its next-generation flagship, the OnePlus 6, which is expected to arrive next month. From what has been revealed so far about the device, it boasts essential features that the Apple and Samsung flagships likely would not.

While iPhones and Galaxys have become the go-to smartphones for many users today, OnePlus has its advantages devices that are bound to change minds, all of which are expected to materialize in the OnePlus 6.

1. Price

Perhaps, the most obvious advantage OnePlus has over the two tech giants is the pricing.

Apple suffered a major setback with the iPhone X due to its $1,000 price tag. Samsung is close to hitting the same price category as well, which makes users dread of the future of mobile as far as price tags are concerned.

In a world where smartphones are more expensive than laptops, OnePlus makes itself stand out like a sore thumb by providing users with an option that allow them to get their smartphone needs without having to break the bank.

The OnePlus 5T was an instant hit for offering the latest and powerful hardware setup (Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor with 6 GB of random access memory), a decent build, and bloatware-free software experience for half the price of the iPhone X. The company is expected to continue this with the OnePlus 6.

2. Headphone jack

Manufacturers have started to purge the 3.5mm audio jack after Apple first did it first a couple of years back. Samsung has yet to follow suit, and thankfully, so does OnePlus.

While the company is adopting the notch made famous by the iPhone X, one thing that it made sure to steer clear from is removing the headphone jack.

While the Cupertino giant seems to be shaping a mobile future without the traditional feature, OnePlus still makes sure to recognize that there are a lot of users out there who still appreciate going wired for their audio needs-and it is effective.

The issue has gotten to a point where the lack of headphone jacks became a major deal breaker for buyers. OnePlus seems to understand this, making the OnePlus 6 the best choice for those who want that authentic audio experience with wires and not dongles.

3. More essentials

OnePlus seems to understand how important it is to make upgrades count. Forbes believes that the company is not just removing the ability of the user to expand their storage or get a bigger battery and call those enhancements especially since these happen to be two of the most important elements that allow users to get the most of their smartphone.

The abovementioned publication believes that if there is a company that will put an emphasis on the little things that make the smartphone experience much better overall, it will be OnePlus.

The hope is that the company will do all that in the OnePlus 6, which recently showed off its design in all its notch-toting glory in a batch of leaked live images.

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