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Women Escape ISIS, Talk About Life as Brides of Jihadis

Women Escape ISIS, Talk About Life as Brides of Jihadis

Muslim women in ISIS-controlled Syria. | Reuters/Stringer

As U.S.-backed forces encircle the Islamic State (ISIS) "capital" of Raqqa, some terrorist brides were displaced along with their children and have converged at a camp in Ain Issa in northern Syria. The women didn't surrender, but they were apprehended as they attempted to cross the border to Turkey.

Jenan Moussa, a journalist for an Arabic TV channel, sat down and spoke to seven women from Tunisia, Lebanon and Dagestan who were married to Tunisian, Malaysian, Turkish and French husbands. They claimed to have been duped into joining ISIS.

Moussa learned there was tension between the women, whom she referred to as "desperate housewives" and the sex slaves. They are not concerned of the barbarity going on around them, but they have a problem with their husbands spending clothes and lipsticks on slaves.

Lebanese Nour al-Huda's pretty face didn't stop her husband from having an app on his phone of captured women. "It was a market for sex slaves. They were sharing photos of the sex slaves with the best make-up and clothes and asking $2,000 for this one, $3,000 for that one. A virgin cost $10,000," Nour al-Huda said.

"Some of the wives even divorced their husbands because of that. They were spending too much on the sex slaves, buying them the best make-up, clothes and accessories," she added. Some of them helped the captives escape not out of pity but because of jealousy as their husbands were raping them.

The youngest girl they know that had been raped is nine years old. Asked if they're not bothered about the severe punishments imposed on prisoners, one bride said some of the victims whose hands were cut off deserved it, especially those who were caught stealing for the third time.

In 2015, two brides escaped ISIS and revealed their experience as part of the terror group's elite women police force. Their job was to flog women who wear the wrong clothes, including high heels. One of them was upset by the sight of an old woman whom she said was like her mother being whipped.


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