Felix N. Codilla III

Christian Post Contributor


  • Aliens Could Come to Earth Using Maps NASA Sent Into Space

    In their excitement to encounter extraterrestrials from other planets, scientists launched four maps into deep space that would give aliens the route to Earth. But now, the man who sent those maps in the 1970s fears it may have been a bad idea after all as aliens could conquer the world.

  • Baptist Pastor Says He's Fine With Same-Sex Marriage as Long as the Gay Couples Get Shot in the Head

    A New Zealand pastor is under investigation after inciting outrage for his public statement in one of his sermons that homosexuals ought to be shot. A police officer said they are aware of the matter, which they take seriously, and they have been making inquiries.

  • Saudi Arabia Threatens to Shoot Down Qatari Jets, Complete With Animated Simulation

    Saudi Arabia issued a chilling warning that it could shoot down a Qatari Airline passenger jet out of the sky if it strayed across the Kingdom's border. The threat, which was broadcast on Al-Arabiya Saudi state TV, justified the attack complete with animated simulation.

  • U.S. Blasts Persian Gulf Allies in Religious Freedom Report

    Secretary of State Rex Tillerson delivered his remarks during the release of the 2016 International Religious Freedom Annual report Tuesday. He singled out U.S. foes like ISIS, China and Iran, which was expected; but surprisingly, he also criticized some Washington's allies in the Persian Gulf.

  • Germany Jails Syrian Refugee for Trying to Defraud ISIS

    A Syrian refugee in Germany has been found guilty of trying to defraud ISIS officials of hundreds of thousands of euros in exchange for carrying out a terror attack on Europe. Hasan A., 39, a hairdresser from Damascus, has been sentenced to two years' imprisonment by the court.

  • What Are the Odds of an Asteroid Hitting Earth?

    NASA scientists have revealed that an asteroid will fly very close to Earth in 2029, but there is virtually zero chance that it could hit the planet. In fact, the chance of the rock impacting the globe is only one in 100,000, which is "extremely small" based on their calculation.

  • Two Men Shot Dead Outside Chicago Church

    The murder epidemic in Chicago extended to a house of God as two men were shot to death outside a church as a worship service was underway. The incident happened Sunday morning on the front steps of Friendship Baptist Church along the 200-block of South Laramie Ave. in the Austin neighborhood on the West Side.

  • Hillary Clinton's Pastor Says Plagiarism Done in His New Book Was Unintentional

    A book from Hillary Clinton's longtime pastor elicited controversy after a new report revealed that passages of the compilation plagiarized portions of a blog post written by another minister last year. The author expressed surprise by the duplication of words but said was inadvertently done.

  • Blue Whale Challenge: Rash of Teenage Suicides in India Linked to Online Game

    The sick Blue Whale challenge has claimed one more life in India when a boy in West Bengal committed suicide after playing the self-destructive online game. The dangerous 50-day challenge is thought to be behind a string of teenage suicides around the world.

  • Church Offers to 'Cure' Gay People Through Fasting

    A church in Liverpool, England was found offering gay people the chance to "cure" homosexuality with a relentless prayer session that requires people to go three days without food and water. The church that is being referred to is the Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministry.