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'World of Warcraft' News: See Until When Ulduar Raid Is Available

'World of Warcraft' News: See Until When Ulduar Raid Is Available

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The time that the Ulduar Raid is live for everyone on "World of Warcraft" is extremely limited, but players still have a while to access it.

Last week, the developers of "World of Warcraft" released an update that made the Ulduar Raid available to every player along with the monster Yogg-Saron, which is the dungeon's boss. The enemy was described by Blizzard Entertainment as "the lucid dream, the monster in your nightmares, and the fiend of a thousand faces."

The Ulduar Raid is currently accessible via the Wrath Timewalking event. However, Blizzard Entertainment will soon issue another update to refresh the server, turning Ulduar back to being a Legacy Raid, on Tuesday, Feb. 20.

Players must make the most out of the remaining time because according to Polygon, the Ulduar Raid will not be easily accessible until May.

According to Blizzard Entertainment, the Ulduar Raid is currently set on a normal difficulty level. For this reason, the Ulduar dungeon is temporarily inaccessible through the Raid Finder. Meanwhile, it is also important to note that only players on level 80 and above are allowed to enter the Ulduar.

"During Wrath Timewalking, you can assemble a raid group of between 1 and 30 players, travel to Dalaran in Northrend, and speak with Vormu to access a Timewalking version of the Ulduar raid. The raid scales for your group size and your level and gear will be scaled to match the raid's challenges," Blizzard Entertainment further explained.

Players can get help forming their group through Group Finder. They also have to option to set up their own team through the Premade Groups section.

In the "World of Warcraft," the Ulduar raid dungeon is location in a titan complex within the Storm Peaks. It is actually a prison dedicated to contain Yogg-Saron while its city is home to watchers who later become his followers.

The Ulduar Raid was added to "World of Warcraft" back in 2009 along with the release of patch 3.1.0.

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