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Warning against progressive Christianity

Aslan and Edmund
Aslan and Edmund | Photo: NarniaWeb

Imagine with me I’m at the local market checking out my produce and I hand the clerk twenty dollars in monopoly money.

Do you think my attempt to swindle the clerk would succeed?

Of course not, the pink ten dollar bills with the cartoony monopoly man would not pass as Alexander Hamilton on any day. However, what if I handed the clerk a highly refined counterfeit, in which every exterior detail of the currency was the same?

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The clerk then must hold the bill up to the light and reveal the hidden watermark to prove its authenticity. Church, we must do the same with the Gospel.

We must understand that Satan is a powerful, supernatural, and an intelligent being who has fallen into the darkest of evil.

What we’re seeing played out in Western culture today is a counterfeit Gospel; and if you don’t hold it up to the light of Christ, you might just accept it. At the core of this counterfeit message is hopelessness void of any value.

This fake gospel seeks to drive us, who desperately need God’s mercy, further away from the Heavenly Father our hearts yearn for.

I can’t help but think of the plot of C.S. Lewis’s last book in the Chronicle of Narnia series, The Last Battle. The character, Shift, deceives many faithful Narnians with a counterfeit Aslan. He cleverly dresses his donkey friend in a lion skin to deceive the masses.

In this fiction we see a few ideas at play. Firstly, we see many Narnians intuitively know this doesn’t seem like the Aslan they’ve heard about, yet ultimately they fall captive. Secondly, we see that the fake Aslan, preaches the same message of the real Aslan, but with new twisted meaning. Lastly, Lewis is relaying that Evil is most deceiving when it looks and feels like the Truth.

We are seeing the same scenario play out in the Church today, yet it’s not fiction.

The counterfeit gospel is under the guise of Progressive Christianity. Yet, if you hold this doctrine up to the light it will be missing the watermarked face of God. This doctrine is worthless and void of truth and robs the soul of true joy in Christ, do not be deceived.

Some of the core ideas spread by this relatively new sect are fragmenting through the body of Christ like shrapnel. We must guard our hearts and minds with the armor of God and strike back with the sword of Truth. 

The issue is not with Progressives, it’s with Progressives who profess Christ.

Here is glimpse of what this doctrine looks like, I’ve pulled a few various headlines from proponents of this movement;

“The Bible is Fallible—And It’s Okay”

“Romans 1:26-27: A Clobber Passage That Should Lose Its Wallop”

“God Made Me Gay”

The Heretical Trinity of the Progressive Doctrine

1. The Bible is Fallible

The basis of the Progressive doctrine is the idea that one can take the Bible and discard some Scripture as irrational and dated and other text as holy.

The idea that the Bible is fallible is not new, many other faiths discredited the Holy Cannons. Yet, what is new, is those who claim the Bible is fallible and call themselves Christians. It’s started as laughable idea, but now it’s full-blown insanity.

For example, many progressives discard text from the book of Romans speaking on homosexuality, while others dismiss Scripture which speak of Hell. The bottom line is, in the past those who didn’t agree with Scripture denounced Christ and walked away from the faith.

What we’re seeing in large waves now is those who denounce Scripture staying under the Christian umbrella instead of leaving the faith, which is causing division and confusion.

2. Many Saviors

Once again, the teaching that there are multiple ways to God is not new. Yet, the idea that one can claim to be a Christ Follower, and also claim Christ is not the mediator between God and Man, is new. It’s a common dogma in the Progressive Christian faith.

3. Abused Grace

This dogma is literally ripped out of the mouth of Satan in Genesis, “No, you will not surely die…”

Yet, many are deceived through the progressive doctrine that they need not repent of their folly. Conviction is a four-letter word and avoided like the plague. You need not repent, because God is all loving and forgiving, “you will not die.”

Do you what’s happening? A false copy of the Gospel was born and it for the most part is going unchallenged.

It’s a false doctrine that’s emerging to look identical to the Truth. It was born from a deceived Church with unrepentant hearts, that would rather change the Word of God than submit to its authority.

This progressive doctrine has a father, a father long ago said;

“I will ascend above the tops of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High." Isaiah 14:14

The best way to deceive is to offer something that looks like the Truth but is not.

Let the Church be aware, let the Church not be deceived. Christ is not in the progressive church and he will have no dwelling among them.

Do not let the message of this movement deceive you; remember the words of Isaiah,

“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”

Will Vining is a passionate follower of Jesus. In his free time, he enjoys writing and going to the lake with his family. Follow Will on his Facebook page Will Vining

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