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The Sexual Harassment Dress Code? Some Members of Congress Will Dress in Black During President's State of the Union Address

Some members of Congress will be wearing black to the President's State of the Union Address to stand up against sexual harassment.

President Trump

Sexual harassment is a topic that stirs emotion at its very mention. As someone who spent her last few years of college organizing protests and arranging debates centered on this issue, I can say I am very pleased to finally see a united front against it.

Whether or not you believe sexual harassment in the workplace is a serious issue, we can agree that it is an issue nonetheless. For some, it has become important enough to drag into events such as the Golden Globe Awards. If you've been keeping up with the media coverage, you might have witnessed sexual harassment spring into the national spotlight when women who wanted to display their dissatisfaction with the issue arrived at the event in black attire. This peaceful outcry of disgruntlement inspired some members of Congress to follow in their steps by wearing black to the President's State of the Union Address on January 30, 2018.

Sexual harassment needs to end—that's a fact—but is this issue being handled properly? Is wearing a certain color really going to do anything about stopping harassment or preventing it in the future? But, more importantly, what about us as Christians? How does this impact Believers in the workplace?

As a Christian, I am deeply moved by the stories I've heard and incidents I have witnessed when it comes to harassment in the workplace. It is disgusting, morally degrading, and stands in opposition with the Word of God which instructs us to live good and peaceful lives. But what can I do about this issue from a Biblical standpoint? While I am excited to see so many men and women coming together on their own accord against harassment, I believe it is our duty as Believers to take a stand as well. But, our battlefield is not at the Golden Globe Awards nor is it at the President's State of the Union Address. Our battlefield is on our knees, in prayer, taking up the issue with our Father.

Should we support the stand that will be taken on January 30 or should we condemn the candid display of dissatisfaction that some deem inappropriate for such a setting?

If you disagree with harassment in the workplace then you should be proud of the peaceful and harmless protest that will occur later this week. While it may not do something to directly solve the problem it will take this issue from the public platform of the Golden Globes and mold it into a congressional issue overnight. Our job, as Believers, is to pray that Congress does not do what is right but what is righteous on behalf of the victims of sexual harassment in the workplace as well as pray that this horrible act is prevented in the future.

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