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Yes, anyone can be a racist!

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Imagine going to a concert of your favorite musician, and you get picked to sing a hit song with them — sounds so exciting, right? The spotlight's on you and the crowd eagerly awaits your first note ... Can you feel the eyes gazing at you? But just as you're about to begin, the artist surprises everyone by saying they prefer someone of a different race to sing. Your big moment was crushed. What was supposed to be an unforgettable experience suddenly becomes a humiliating moment.

During a Jeffrey Osborne concert at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles in May 2023, Danielle Buchanan and Maneva Currie reportedly encountered a troubling incident. In a lawsuit filed on February 27th, they alleged that while attending Osborne’s performance on May 6, 2023, he directed his team to select a volunteer from the audience to join him in singing his 1986 hit “You Should Be Mine (The Woo Woo Song).” Buchanan was chosen, and as the camera focused on her, Osborne allegedly remarked, "I want a white person," in front of the audience and his team. 

Buchanan told Osborne that she is white, in an attempt to downplay the incident, but his team took the mic and found someone else to sing. Buchanan and Currie filed a discrimination suit against the Grammy-award-winning singer and the Greek Theater claiming the venue displayed negligence and violated the Unruh Civil Rights Act, which protects from discrimination by all business establishments in California. According to the lawsuit, Buchanan and Currie were so emotionally disturbed from the public humiliation that they "were afraid to engage socially in their lives for months and eventually as a result of the pain and suffering, they had to seek psycho-therapy.”

The guilt or innocence of Jeffrey Osborne and the Greek Theater remains uncertain pending court proceedings. If the allegations hold true, this incident underscores two critical points. Firstly, it highlights the existence of racism. Secondly, it emphasizes that racism is not exclusive to any particular group; anyone can exhibit racist or discriminatory behavior.

While reflecting on the comments and reactions to this situation, I was struck by the apparent indifference in some responses. Some folks think there are bigger problems out there. But imagine if someone faced discrimination at a concert with a white musician. I'm not one to bet, but I seriously doubt the reaction would be the same. 

As Critical Race Theory is integrated into our education system and DEI initiatives gain
momentum nationwide, many discussions on racism tend to focus on instances where white individuals allegedly exhibit racism towards black individuals. However, it's crucial to acknowledge that racism and discrimination can originate from and affect anyone, regardless of their background. And yes, people can experience racism and discrimination right in their own communities. The pain and indignity caused by these behaviors are equally hurtful, irrespective of the source.

Racism transcends race, sex, and borders, as it is fundamentally a sin rooted in pride, bias and partiality. The Bible denounces discrimination based on race, class, and sex, and urges us to safeguard our hearts. Acts 10:34-35(NIV) conveys a profound message: "God shows no partiality. Those who fear Him and act righteously are accepted, regardless of nationality." A few years back, I created a t-shirt with the message, "Racism is not a color; it's sin."

This is a crucial reminder. Racism is a sin that we must all strive to avoid in our hearts.

For more information, get a free chapter of my book at this link. 

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Pastor John K. Amanchukwu Sr. is an influential preacher, author, and activist who spreads God’s truth zealously and without fear. Along with serving his local church in North Carolina, John travels nationally to speak, preach and confront school boards, for which his notoriety has spread coast to coast with 300 million + views on videos of his now famous challenges to woke school board officials. From the battles on the NC State football field to the current-day culture wars, John is a fearless defender of Biblical justice. IKNOWGOD.US.

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