Anugrah Kumar

Christian Post Contributor

Pastor Greg Laurie on How to Hear God's Word

In part one of a message titled, "The Parable of Spiritual Growth," Pastor Greg Laurie of the Harvest Fellowship megachurch spoke about different kinds of hearers of God's Word, to help Christians and seekers negotiate their way to spiritual growth.

ISIS Terror Attacks Make Security Key Issue in France's Presidential Election

This week's terror attack on the Champs-Élysées is likely to make security a key issue in the presidential election, the first round of which will be held Sunday, days after a written note defending the Islamic State was found lying next to the body of the gunman who shot dead a policeman. Voters had thus far been concerned mostly about the lack of economic growth in the country.

Trump on Easter: 'Life Always Triumphs Over Death'

Amid speculations over whether Donald Trump will attend a church service on Easter, the president in his weekly address called America a "nation of believers" and said that the source of "our hope" is that "life always triumphs over death … with God's grace."

What Do Americans Think of Jesus: Man, Myth or God?

A Barna study released days before Easter, looking at how U.S. adults see and relate to the central figure of Christianity, shows that almost all Americans believe that Jesus Christ was a real person who actually lived, and that the majority of Americans have made a commitment to Him.