Anugrah Kumar

Christian Post Contributor

What Is the Democratic Unionist Party? Here's What You Need to Know

The website of Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party, which was founded by a Protestant preacher-politician four-and-a-half decades ago, crashed as people worldwide began to surf the internet to find out about the party which is now set to hold the balance of power in the British government. So what is the DUP?

Church of Scotland to Allow Gay Marriage?

A leader of the Church of Scotland, who convenes the church's Theological Forum, told the General Assembly there is no theological reason to oppose same-sex marriages in the Church as he presented a report that proposes the governing body approve a detailed study of how such ceremonies could be allowed.

Academic Journal Publishes Hoax 'Conceptual Penis' Study

Using pen names, two authors managed to publish a 3,000-word hoax paper in a peer-reviewed gender studies journal, Cogent Social Sciences. The paper talks about "conceptual penis," which the authors "argue," is behind many of the world's problems, including climate change.

Barna Study Looks at Which Christians Fight Online

Verbal fights on the Internet are common, be it comment sections or social media posts. Do Christians also fight online? Does one denomination argue more than the others? And why? To answer these questions, the Barna Group conducted a survey, and here's what it discovered.