Kirk Cameron to Release a 'Monumental' New Film

It's been four years since Kirk Cameron appeared in the impactful marriage film "Fireproof," but he hasn't been resting. Working on his latest film "Monumental," Cameron is looking to make an even bigger impact this time around, tackling family, politics, and spirituality in America.

Secular Rapper Offends With Song About the Holy Ghost

Top-selling secular rapper Rick Ross recently stirred controversy with the release of his song titled “Holy Ghost” which has been criticized for twisting scriptures and degrading the Holy Spirit by using Him as a consultant that helps lead him further into sin.

Nine Lashes Helps Christians Overcome Loneliness on Path of Faith

Overcoming the sometimes lonesome journey on the path of faith has been a message that many people have gravitated to as seen in Nine Lashes’ chart-topping single “Anthem of the Lonely.” Jeremy Dunn, lead vocalist for the Christian rock band, wants to see Christians conquer this period of “resistance” and meet “transformation.”

Most Popular Christmas Films Leave Christ Out

Some people feel Christmas just isn’t Christmas without Christ, but apparently not many. If one were to rank the importance of Christ in Christmas based on popular Christmas films, sadly it would rank very low as the top 10 grossing Christmas films reveal.

Johnny Depp Lends Voice to Blasphemous Christmas Song

This time of year is usually filled with songs about baby Jesus and expressions of the great joy that emanates from the Christmas story. It seems no one told actor Johnny Depp who lent his voice to the rock band Babybird for a Christmas song filled with images of a drunken, party going Jesus, in the song “Jesus Stag Night Club.”

Demi Lovato Asks for Prayers

More than a year after singer and former Disney actress Demi Lovato entered an Illinois treatment center to confront her battles with a range of personal difficulties which included cutting and eating disorders, she revisited the facility, offering lucent words.