Brenda Garrison

Surviving and Thriving With Your Strong-Willed Child

For all you parents of strong-willed kids, I get it. It's not easy—your child challenges you on everything. Even a simple request, such as "brush your teeth," can escalate into a civil war. You are tired, frustrated, and often feel like you are failing as a parent. How are the other moms making this parenting thing look so easy?

Hey Moms, Don't Judge Me

How we raise our families shouldn't define us. We have more to connect over than breast milk versus formula, than homeschool versus public school. We must get passed how we raise our kids in order to grow deeper connections with other moms.

A Mom's Response to the #MeToo Movement

I wish I had done so when our now-adult daughters were teens. Two of our girls experienced sexual harassment at school. Neither were physically assaulted, but both experienced verbal sexual harassment, one by male student and one by a male college professor.