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  • Nepal Plans New Criminal Code Forbidding Evangelism

    Five years after it abolished Hinduism as the state religion, Nepal is working on a new criminal code forbidding a person from one faith to “convert a person or abet him to change his religion.”

  • Police Reluctant to Prosecute Attack on Pakistan Church

    Armed Muslims disrupted the worship service of a church outside Lahore on Sunday (May 29), cursing the congregation, smashing a glass altar and desecrating Bibles and a cross, Christian leaders said.

  • Provincial Official in Algeria Orders Churches to Close

    Seven Algerian churches face closure this week after the governor of their province sent them written notice that they were operating “illegally.”

  • Christian Woman in Darfur Arrested for Evangelizing

    Sudanese National Security Intelligence and Security Service agents have arrested a Christian woman in a Darfur camp for displaced people, accusing her of converting Muslims to Christianity, said sources who fear she is being tortured.

  • Authorities, Islamists in Egypt Stop Church from Re-Opening

    Authorities, Islamists in Egypt Stop Church from Re-Opening

    Hundreds of Muslims, angered by the prospect of a government-closed church re-opening in their neighborhood, protested outside the church yesterday, causing the provisional military authority to back away from its promise to allow Orthodox clergy to reopen it.

  • Pakistani Muslims Kidnap Christian Girl Over Brother's 'Affair'

    An influential Muslim family in a village near Sheikhupura is holding a 17-year-old Christian girl hostage because one of her brothers allegedly eloped with a woman from the Muslim family.

  • Kidnappers Allegedly Called Murdered Iraqi Christian's Employer

    A pastor in Kirkuk, Iraq told Compass that sources close to a Christian reportedly kidnapped, tortured and murdered by al-Qaida over the weekend said the kidnappers had pressured his employer to fire him because he was a Christian.

  • Pakistan's 'Blasphemy' Laws Pose Growing Threat

    Pakistan’s notorious “blasphemy” laws can put even children at risk, and Christians say the days when they could teach their offspring pat answers to protect them from accusations of disparaging Islam or its prophet seem to have passed.

  • 'Blasphemy' Laws in Egypt; Sudan Threatens Converts

    Shifting political winds in the north African countries of Egypt and Sudan will leave their mark on history, but local attitudes ensure one thing remains unchanged: the laws against defaming Islam will stand like granite in a sandstorm.

  • Nigerian Pastor's Family Among Christians Killed in Attack

    Muslim extremists who attacked Kurum village, in the Bogoro local government area of Nigeria’s Bauchi state, had already killed two of the couple’s children in a rampage that began last Wednesday at midnight.